Twin Club Bike Show 2006

Swedish Best for 10,000 European Riders
Photos and text by TBear

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Not to be left in the cold, Ken Falkerhed of Ace Performance Customs outside Stockholm rode home with third place for his phantom of the Ace chopper.

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You'll be seeing features on these bikes in the coming weeks.

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An added highlight of Twin Club MC's Custom Bike Show is the traditional after-show party back at their club house outside of town. They have a huge clubhouse surrounded by a meadow and woods. About 3,500 bikers took advantage of their hospitality and attended the party and many camped out for the weekend. Man, I gotta tell you, I'm an old Gray Beard and I sorely miss the all night parties with the real deal ladies and hardcore dudes who graced the scene long before the Discovery Channel convinced everyone with a Gold Card that they too could be "Bad-Ass Bikers".

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With almost 20 Hours of daylight in Sweden in June, the bands, the bikes and the babes roared on late into Sunday afternoon.

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A special thank you to my brothers and sisters at Twin Club MC for bringing me over for their event. I can't wait to get back there next year.

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If you'd like more info the show check out their web site:

Twin clubtrike They even have a link to an English language version.

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For more info on AMD's ProShow, check their site:


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